This dude is Hindu and I know damn well that is not short lingo for “let’s fucking hit our girlfriends” in Sanscript.

He’s a punk asshole, rich and doesn’t care about anyone. They come in all shapes and sized.

Karma has a way of remembering things buddy. We’ll be reading about you one day when someone hands you your head.


now she won’t testify against him – money talks bullshit walks -

Tech Millionare Who Beat Girlfriend 117 Times Ducks Jail Despite Damning Video


RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh Chahal pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence and battery charges last week, dodging 45 felony counts for the videotaped 30-minute beating of his girlfriend.

Chahal, 31, faces no jail time. He was sentenced to three years’ probation, 52 weeks in a domestic violence training program and 25 hours of community service. The Internet mogul was arrested in August after police responded to a 911 domestic violence call at his San Francisco penthouse apartment.

His girlfriend told arriving officers that she was unable to breathe and that Chahal had told her four times, “I’m going to kill you,” San Francisco Officer Anh Nguyen told the San Francisco Business Times in March. “She stated she was in fear for her life.”

Home security footage reportedly showed Chahal beating and kicking his girlfriend 117 times during the 30-minute attack. Prosecutors said Chahal lashed out at his girlfriend upon learning that she had cheated on him with another man during a trip to Las Vegas, according to court documents.

Soon after Chahal posted his $1 million bail and hired former federal prosecutor James Lassart as his attorney, his girlfriend stopped cooperating with the investigation and refused to testify against him. During a preliminary hearing, Lassart, who is also defending embattled state Sen. Leland Yee (D-Calif.) on corruption charges, did not deny that Chahal repeatedly struck his girlfriend, but insisted the physical damage was overblown.

In a crippling blow to the prosecution, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Brendan Conroy ruled that the surveillance video could not be used as evidence because police seized it illegally from Chahal’s apartment. The prosecution argued it likely would have been erased if police had waited for a warrant.

Alex Bastian, spokesman with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, issued astatement after the guilty plea on Thursday.

“We disagree with the judge’s suppression of the video. The judge’s ruling substantially weakened the evidence we had for prosecution,” Bastian said. “Though it is not the outcome we had hoped for, the case has reached a resolution where the defendant acknowledges guilt, is placed on domestic violence probation and has to take domestic violence classes.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The deal also means that Chahal — with no felony conviction — will be allowed to stay on the board of his $100 million-a-year social advertising technology company, RadiumOne, which has been preparing to go public.”

Chahal, once named one of America’s “most eligible bachelors” by ExtraTV, managed to advance his online-advertising network into its final stages for an initial public stock offering despite his arrest. He also secured a new partnership with publisher Condé Nast in April.

Chahal sold his first online-ad network, ClickAgents.com Inc., to ValueClick Inc. at the age of 16 for $20.5 million in stock. Seven years later, he sold BlueLithium Inc., which he also founded, to Yahoo for $300 million in cash.

In 2009, he authored a book about himself called The Dream: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions.










I HOPE IT’S god – striking them down from above!

Wouldn’t that be so cool!?

She’d have flowing dark hair, she’s black with red horns and she’s a pissed off lesbian with a whip that says A HOLE on it.

WAIT! Oh, no. that’s not her. That was my last girlfriend. Sorry confusing.


Missouri Republicans Advance Effort To Impeach Governor Jay Nixon

The Missouri House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings Wednesday on three articles of impeachment proposed by House Republicans against Gov. Jay Nixon (D).

State Rep. Nick Marshall (R) is attempting to impeach Nixon for a November 2013executive order that required the Missouri Department of Revenue to accept joint federal income tax returns from same-sex couples who were married legally in other states. Marshall argues that the governor’s action violates the state constitution’s 2004 amendment that banned same-sex unions.

One of seven Republican co-sponsors of Marshall’s measure, state Rep. Mike Moon, filed a separate article seeking to remove the governor for not filling vacant legislative seats quickly enough.

The third attempt to oust Nixon is being advanced by state Rep. Rick Brattin (R), who claims the governor did not adequately punish officials at the state Department of Public Safety for releasing the names of more than 163,000 Missourians with concealed weapons permits to a Social Security Administration agent last year.

Missouri House Minority Leader Jacob Hummel (D) called the long-shot effort “bogus” in a statement to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in February, when Marshall filed the resolution. Hummel said the filings were proof that “the crazy wing has taken over the House Republican Caucus.”

Nixon’s office also dismissed the measures as nothing more than “a publicity stunt,” according to The Associated Press.

The Missouri Constitution holds all state elected executive officials subject to impeachment for “crimes, misconduct, habitual drunkenness, willful neglect of duty, corruption in office, incompetency, or any offense involving moral turpitude or oppression in office.”

Only one statewide official has been impeached and convicted in Missouri thus far, former Secretary of State Judith Moriarty, who was removed from office by the Missouri Supreme Court in 1994 after allegedly backdating documents to qualify her son to run for political office.

If the House and Senate approve the measures, the articles of impeachment would be reviewed by a panel of seven judges, appointed by the Senate, before Nixon would be removed from office.

(h/t Kansas City Star


I read the 3 paragraphs below and hit my head on my desk again. Liars…uh I mean…Lawyers are PAID to stand up for their clients even if they think they are guilty; they have to defend them. Someone has to defend the guilty. So here’s Chris Christie, being attacked by the left and Democrats for crimes against the people of NJ & NY and what does he go and do?

He allows the Republican Governor’s Association, of which he is the CHAIR to commit to a TV ad that goes after a Democratic nominee for gov of south Carolina – Vincent Sheheen.

WASHINGTON — A lawyer representing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s reelection campaign and the New Jersey Republican State Committee in connection with the so-called “Bridgegate” scandal is condemning an attack ad released by the Christie-led Republican Governors Association that goes after an attorney based on the conduct of his clients.

“I did watch the ad and, wow, it’s a disgrace,” Robert D. Luskin, a partner at Patton Boggs, told The Huffington Post in an email. “The people who talk incessantly about American exceptionalism ought to demonstrate some understanding — and some respect — for what makes our system truly admirable: that includes the willingness of lawyers to stand up for their clients no matter how ugly the allegation. But a lawyer is only, ever an advocate; he’s not a co conspirator or an enabler.”

The Republican Governors Association’s new ad goes after Vincent Sheheen, the Democratic nominee for governor in South Carolina. It targets Sheheen’s representation of clients accused of abusing women, and says he “made money off criminals” by representing defendants in the justice system. Christie is the chair of the RGA.


I can hear Chris Christie right now “I never knew anything about that commercial. The people in the GOP did that behind my back. I swear I had no knowledge of any think as despicable as this. I swear! “






Let’s hope so


It suggests that “finally Obama is getting serious about doing something about Climate Change” but the guy has tons of issues on his plate. He hasn’t stopped working. He’s been tirelessly doing his job and gets hit in the head every time. I don’t know about you but this rag has gone from 60′s cool to CONSERVATIVE CRAP practically overnight.

I’m publishing it here because, I’m exhausted and lazy right now and my legs are cramping and I want to take a shower. Yes, people, I don’t hang upside down in my closet and wait for dawn, I do take care of myself.

How else would I look so good!

But I digress…..


Apparently all the liberals and lefties have passed away at the Rolling Stone.

Obama’s Last Shot

Climate change, of course, is a global problem, and ultimately what matters is the degree to which Obama’s actions in the U.S. inspire the world. Back in 2009, at the Copenhagen climate talks, he pledged to cut U.S. carbon pollution by 17 percent by 2020. If the EPA rules are successfully implemented, he will be on track to achieve that goal by the time he leaves the Oval Office. “This is a game-changer on the international front,” says Podesta. “It will re-establish U.S. leadership, and it will demonstrate that America is committed to taking significant action to reduce emissions.” Podesta points out that other progress has been made on the international front, including a deal with China and most developing nations to phase out so-called “superpollutants” like hydro fluorocarbons, or HFCs, which are used in refrigerators and other industrial applications.

The big issue, however, is the next global-climate summit, in Paris in December 2015, when a new international treaty to reduce carbon pollution will be hammered out. “Are we going to be on track to come to an agreement that will limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius, which is the threshold scientists have set for dangerous climate change?” Podesta wonders aloud. “Our goal is to give leadership and credibility to that effort.”

Tim Wirth, vice chair of the U.N. Foundation and an outspoken advocate of action on climate change, argues the State Department – the agency that represents the U.S. in international climate negotiations – is “a tribal bureaucracy,” and that to put too much faith in these international agreements is unwise. He praises Obama for his recent moves on the domestic front, but thinks he could be more creative internationally: “How do we think differently about energy and climate? How are we going to deal with the Ukraine? How about a crash program to insulate buildings and cut their dependence on Russian natural gas? What about renewables? The Ukraine is not far from Germany, the solar capital of the world – why can’t we help the Ukraine go solar too?”

But the sad truth is that even if Obama manages to pull off the climate trifecta – implementing EPA power-plant rules, killing Keystone and forging a global agreement to cut carbon pollution – he won’t have done enough. He won’t have pushed through a price on carbon. He won’t have stopped oil drilling in the Arctic. He won’t have cut subsidies to Big Oil and Coal that distort the energy market. But he will have changed the political calculation about what is possible. Already Hillary Clinton is talking about the need for a mass movement on climate; Podesta believes climate will emerge as a key issue in the 2016 presidential race. As for Republicans, “being hostile to science is not a good way to win elections,” says Steve Schmidt, a prominent GOP consultant. Sen. Whitehouse believes that energy politics are changing so quickly that Congress may well take up legislation again in the not-so-distant future that puts a price on carbon.

As for how history will judge the president, Podesta has banned that kind of talk from the White House. “It’s not helpful in the day-to-day task of getting our work done,” he explains. “Besides, if we don’t take serious action on climate now, we may not have any history to look back on anyway.”

This story is from the May 8th, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/obamas-last-shot-20140423page=3#ixzz2zlUuuzh8
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attribution: None Specified
Look at Obama being all athletic and stuff. He must be impeached!

The Donald. What can you say that hasn’t already been said?  I guess he has an addiction to being in the news, because every couple of weeks he drops some nonsense on us.Either that or he’s the greatest Performance Artist the world has ever known.

What is it this time?

The way President Obama walks.

You heard that right, folks. Failing to score with anything else, The Donald is forced to criticize the way the President walks. Specifically, how he walks off Air Force One.  He’s even calling it “Unpresidential”.

As usual, he takes to Twitter to spout his “wisdom”:

attribution: None Specified

And as usual, the Twitter mockery was immediate and merciless.

   @realDonaldTrump You are the only person in the world who cares about that.    — Papelbon Iver (@RealAdultPerson) April 23, 2014

   @realDonaldTrump and your hair blowing awkwardly in the wind would look so much better?    — Matt Hogue (@MattHoagie) April 23, 2014

   .@realDonaldTrump Scraping the bottom of the barrel a little, aren’t we, Donald?    — Ryan Wagner (@rwags614) April 23, 2014

   @realDonaldTrump How can we trust you to be the next leader of the free world if you can’t spell ‘hopping’ correctly    — Ryan Gorman (@ryangorman) April 23, 2014

   @realDonaldTrump I’m a fan but that’s one of the dumbest tweets I have ever seen    — Chas Alecxih (@BigSpurts98) April 23, 2014

   @realDonaldTrump How can we trust you to be the next leader of the free world if you can’t spell ‘hopping’ correctly    — Ryan Gorman (@ryangorman) April 23, 2014

[photos via screengrab, Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, Jason Reed/Reuters, WENN.com]NOTE: The Donald later deleted the above tweet and replaced it with a version with the corrected spelling

Now, while I’m showing the mocking of this tweet, let’s get one thing also clear. this tweet is also RACIST in the extreme. It’s easy to tell by the dog-whistling language of the tweet. “Hopping and bobbing”?  Really?

A hint to The Donald: This President does one basic thing you and your ilk will NEVER be able to do:


What is a TURKUCKEN you ask?

It is a turkey stuffed with duck and chicken.

In Trump’s case he’s the turkey stuffed with crap & piss.

This is apparently news and when I saw it on Huff Post and then again on TMZ I nearly lost my lunch.


I wish I liked guns more

I’d use one



Let’s see how well the DONALD would walk with a couple hundred buckshot in his ass.

I’d rather be cool like Obama – walk with a spring in my step!


THE DONALD after being bite by a zombie….




was nominated by President Obama

She is of Puerto Rican descent

She claims “affirmative action” “opened doors” for her that would otherwise be closed.


“I couldn’t get into law school without help from the government. Being Puerto Rican wasn’t the right ethnicity to help me get anywhere in life. I could only get it and beat other people out for a seat in law school because AA afforded me SPECIAL PRIVILEGES. “

That is what Affirmative Action is people.

SO INSTEAD OF “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” today we are more understanding and want to help others succeed so we create laws to have that happen.

Laws like




and so forth

And now we are creating laws POTUS Obama is signing about protecting women’s rights and equal pay for doing the same job in the workplace.

If men don’t like it – don’t work in a place where there are women. You will only get annoyed and probably fired if you mouth off to her. Some women are like men – dicks.

So instead of Affirmative Action we have laws for everyone and it’s a damn shame we need to make laws which on the surface for the rest of us is just common sense. But for the dumb ass Conservative GOP Republican Tea Tards (man the list is longer!) we have to spell out each and all of our laws so they understand.

We even had to make a law for healthcare!

Good Grief!

We are living in the dark ages, aren’t we?


Sonia Sotomayor Delivers Blistering Dissent Against Affirmative Action Ban

The Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s ban on affirmative action Tuesday, but not without a blistering dissent from Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Sotomayor said the decision infringed upon groups’ rights by allowing Michigan voters to change “the basic rules of the political process … in a manner that uniquely disadvantaged racial minorities.”

“In my colleagues’ view, examining the racial impact of legislation only perpetuates racial discrimination,” Sotomayor added. “This refusal to accept the stark reality that race matters is regrettable. As members of the judiciary tasked with intervening to carry out the guarantee of equal protection, we ought not sit back and wish away, rather than confront, the racial inequality that exists in our society.”

The court’s 6-2 decision upheld a voter-approved change to the Michigan state Constitution that prevents public colleges from using race as a factor in its admissions. As the AP noted, the ruling provides a boost for other education-related affirmative action bans in California and Washington state.

ABC News pointed out that Sotomayor has been open about the role affirmative action has played in her personal life. In her memoir “My Beloved World,” Sotomayor wrote that it “opened doors” for her.

“But one thing has not changed: to doubt the worth of minority students’ achievement when they succeed is really only to present another face of the prejudice that would deny them a chance even to try,” she wrote.


Michigan will have it’s day of reckoning when it all blows up in their faces; all this anti-black, minority, anti-gay and anti whatever else they hate comes into play. It’s going to back fire because that is the way KARMA IS.




Please give me a moment I threw all his ‘love’ notes to me in the trash. I have to go and dig them up.

This is his first

Ray Plenty
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Yeah, lets have the illegals destroy the land and ignore our laws. It is “their land” as your ignorant post suggests, right? Fucking dumb liberal hypocrites!

his 2nd

Ray Plenty
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“Indians”? Oh, you mean the pre-Columbian inhabitants who migrated from Siberia and Altai(mtdna and y-dna proves it). The very people who fought among themselves, wiping out complete tribes. The same occupiers who later killed the newer immigrants from Spain and Europe because of racism…. Nobody stole Mexico. Wars have consenquences. The people you call Mexicans at the time Texas became a state were just the survivors of numerous past wars among the residents.


Ray Plenty
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Shouldn’t a Liberal use the term “Asian” instead? China has numerous dietary styles. “Chinese” is non-specific, as well as insulting…

I told him “eat the rude like Chinese food. This guy has problems in that he has to have the last word. Oh well – I have that problem too -


The problem is I don’t fit into this neat category this TERRORIST set up for me. I’m neither Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative and depending on the issue I could be ALL or NONE of these people. I am multiviewed and while I am willing to listen to both sides of an argument – when someone calls me names from the get go – I turn off, tune out and don’t give a shit about the twit.

I wrote this back to him.


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Judging me is ridiculous. I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative but depending on the issue I can be both. Why don’t you go chug on your Viagra so your moose can be happy tomorrow morning.

I’m sure he’ll write again but I’ll just keep updating this page because I’m done talking to stupid tonight. Let the moose have him tomorrow morning although I’m sure that moose hates him.


How confused are you Ray? You are confusing so many issues into one. There is the illegal immigration problem which is being addressed in Washington DC by the White House. By the Obama Administration in fact. They are deporting people by the thousands every month, did you know that? I’m against illegal immigration mainly because it galls me that they don’t give a shit and come here, have babies and expect to get immunity by osmosis (becos their kids are now citizens having been born here) that doesn’t work anymore. We are deporting them like crazy, whole families off and out. They are draining our resources and they are killing our economy. They are rapists, murderers and they are clogging up our jails by the thousands. there are more of them in jail on my dime than out working under the table on my taxes. Yours too but you didn’t ask me about that. Instead you jumped down my throat defending that old fart Cliven Bundy who thinks he is above the laws of the land. He isn’t and HE IS A TERRORIST and so are the people supporting him, so are the numbskulls who are going to march on Washington DC in May and so are the gun toting jackasses who claim the 2nd amendment is their right. IT ISN”T their right to go around threatening others. It isn’t their right to go around shooting others. THE NRA doesn’t give a shit about anyone but money that comes into their coffers. They would sooner shoot the shit outta your fat head than look at you. They don’t care if you support them. To THE NRA and the REPUBLICANS and the TEA PARTY POOPERS you are just dead weight. Something to be removed.

Stop watching Fox TV and understand something – Fox doesn’t give a shit about and others either. They are propagandist and hypocrites, liars and thieves, murderers and jackals. In standing with Cliven Bundy you approve of unamerican pieces of dog shit like half of the house of representatives, all republican governors and the section of the country that is the 1 percent so unless you are a billionaire I suggest you raise your sights a bit higher and understand and comprehend that

We, the people are in this all together and the people you believe in are duping you and every year you reelect one of them, the deeper they drive that nail into your chest.

Wake the fuck up and listen to John Stewart he is a riot. He makes sense and he is as fair as any commentator telling the truth can be. The Daily show is a political essay on our times; something you are not understanding at all.

My only condolence is that you and your kind are dying off and if you and yours try and assault the White House in May – you will be dead.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive, multi-national trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement. The main problems are two-fold:

(1) IP chapter: Leaked draft texts of the agreement show that the IP chapter would have extensive negative ramifications for users’ freedom of speech, right to privacy and due process, and hinder peoples’ abilities to innovate.

(2) Lack of transparency: The entire process has shut out multi-stakeholder participation and is shrouded in secrecy.

The twelve nations currently negotiating the TPP are the US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam. The TPP contains a chapter on intellectual property covering copyright, trademarks, patents and perhaps, geographical indications. Since the draft text of the agreement has never been offically released to the public, we know from leaked documents, such as the February 2011 draft US TPP IP Rights Chapter [PDF], that US negotiators are pushing for the adoption of copyright measures far more restrictive than currently required by international treaties, including the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement(ACTA).

The TPP Will Rewrite Global Rules on Intellectual Property Enforcement

All signatory countries will be required to conform their domestic laws and policies to the provisions of the Agreement. In the US, this is likely to further entrench controversial aspects of US copyright law (such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act[DMCA]) and restrict the ability of Congress to engage in domestic law reform to meet the evolving IP needs of American citizens and the innovative technology sector. The recently leaked US-proposed IP chapter also includes provisions that appear to go beyond current US law.

The leaked US IP chapter includes many detailed requirements that are more restrictive than current international standards, and would require significant changes to other countries’ copyright laws. These include obligations for countries to:

  • Place Greater Liability on Internet Intermediaries: The TPP would force the adoption of the US DMCA Internet intermediaries copyright safe harbor regime in its entirety. For example, this would require Chile to rewrite its forward-looking 2010 copyright law that currently establishes a judicial notice-and-takedown regime, which provides greater protection to Internet users’ expression and privacy than the DMCA.
  • Regulate Temporary Copies: Treat temporary reproductions of copyrighted works without copyright holders’ authorization as copyright infringement. The language reveals a profound disconnect with the reality of the modern computer, as all routine computer functions rely upon the regular creation of temporary copies of programs and files. As drafted, the related provision creates chilling effects not just on how we behave online, but also on the basic ability of people and companies to use and create on the Web.
  • Expand Copyright Terms: Create copyright terms well beyond the internationally agreed period in the 1994 Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The TPP could extend copyright term protections from life of the author + 50 years, to Life + 70 years for works created by individuals, and either 95 years after publication or 120 years after creation for corporate owned works (such as Mickey Mouse).
  • Escalate Protections for Digital Locks: It will compel signatory nations to enact laws banning circumvention ofdigital locks (technological protection measures or TPMs)[PDF] that mirror the DMCA and treat violation of the TPM provisions as a separate offense even when no copyright infringement is involved. This would require countries like New Zealand to completely rewrite its innovative 2008 copyright law, as well as override Australia’s carefully-crafted 2007 TPM regime exclusions for region-coding on movies on DVDs, videogames, and players, and for embedded software in devices that restrict access to goods and services for the device—a thoughtful effort by Australian policy makers to avoid the pitfalls experienced with the US digital locks provisions. In the US, business competitors have used the DMCA to try to block printer cartridge refill services, competing garage door openers, and to lock mobile phones to particular network providers.
  • Ban Parallel Importation: Ban parallel importation of genuine goods acquired from other countries without the authorization of copyright owners.
  • Adopt Criminal Sanctions: Adopt criminal sanctions for copyright infringement that is done without a commercial motivation, based on the provisions of the 1997 US No Electronic Theft Act.

In short, countries would have to abandon any efforts to learn from the mistakes of the US and its experience with the DMCA over the last 12 years, and adopt many of the most controversial aspects of US copyright law in their entirety. At the same time, the US IP chapter does not export the limitations and exceptions in the US copyright regime like fair use, which have enabled freedom of expression and technological innovation to flourish in the US. It includes only a placeholder for exceptions and limitations. This raises serious concerns about other countries’ sovereignty and the ability of national governments to set laws and policies to meet their domestic priorities.

Non-Transparent and On The Fast Track

Despite the broad scope and far-reaching implications of the TPP, negotiations for the agreement have taken place behind closed doors and outside of the checks and balances that operate at traditional multilateral treaty-making organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization.

Like ACTA, the TPP is being negotiated rapidly with little transparency. During the TPP negotiation round in Chile in February 2011, negotiators received strong messages fromprominent civil society groups demanding an end to the secrecy that has shielded TPP negotiations from the scrutiny of national lawmakers and the public. Letters addressed to government representatives in AustraliaChileMalaysiaNew Zealand and the US emphasized that both the process and effect of the proposed TPP agreement is deeply undemocratic. TPP negotiators apparently discussed the requests for greater public disclosure during the February 2011 negotiations, but took no action.

Why You Should Care

TPP raises significant concerns about citizens’ freedom of expression, due process, innovation, the future of the Internet’s global infrastructure, and the right of sovereign nations to develop policies and laws that best meet their domestic priorities. In sum, the TPP puts at risk some of the most fundamental rights that enable access to knowledge for the world’s citizens.

The US Trade Rep is pursuing a TPP agreement that will require signatory counties to adopt heightened copyright protection that advances the agenda of the US entertainment and pharmaceutical industries agendas, but omits the flexibilities and exceptions that protect Internet users and technology innovators.

The TPP will affect countries beyond the 11 that are currently involved in negotiations. Like ACTA, the TPP Agreement is a plurilateral agreement that will be used to create new heightened global IP enforcement norms. Countries that are not parties to the negotiation will likely be asked to accede to the TPP as a condition of bilateral trade agreements with the US and other TPP members, or evaluated against the TPP’s copyright enforcement standards in the annual Special 301 process administered by the US Trade Rep.

Here’s what you can do:

Are you in the United States?

Tell U.S. lawmakers to stand up for your digital rights and preserve our constitutional checks and balances in government. Demand your state representatives oppose any initiative to enact Fast Track (aka Trade Promotion Authority), which hands their own constitutional authority to debate and modify trade law.


in EFF and more than 30,000 people in sending a message to Congress members to demand an end to these secret backdoor negotiations. Tell the White House to uphold openness and transparency in TPP negotiations.

For close analysis of the TPP and its impacts on digital rights, visitKnowledge Ecology International’s TPP resource page.

KEI Logo

For more information on other aspects of the TPP, visit Public Citizen’s resource page.

Local actions around the world

  • 日本に住んでいる方には、Stop TPP!! ウェブページでご案内できますし、Stop TPPのT−シャツを買う事もできます。日本語でのTPPアップデートはツイッターを利用して下さい。

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APR 22 @ 1:35PM

Meet the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court: a secret court that makes secret interpretations of the law.https://eff.org/r.luoh

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