Because Russia was able to annex the Crimea which was and is attached to UKRAINE and America and the EU did nothing to help them.

Back when Ukraine obtained Atomic materials; America and the EU promised to defend Ukraine against foreign invaders (ie: RUSSIA); if they gave up their Atomic materials. They did and last month Russia took over the Crimea and is now facing sanctions.

What happened is the Ukraine was caught with their underwear showing being they had no nukes to defend themselves against the power that is Russia and Putin. Putin signed a treaty that “claims” he is not going to take over any other part of the Ukraine but if you trust Putin, you’re dumber than shit. Putin has his heart set on retaking MOTHER RUSSIA and communism back into the fold. I know the Turks want nagorno karabakh back which NEVER belonged to them -it is Armenian soil and was given to them by Lenin – another Putin back in the stone ages.

Russia’s land grab of the Crimea is bad because now North Korea wants to invade America – could they do it? I dunno but I’ll tell ya what, if that fat Chunk nutball tells me I have to marry a man I’ll cut his head off with my Katana and mount it on the capital steps for all the other Chunks to see. I do own a Katana and I view Mr Un as a zombie.

China will probably try and invade Sensaku Islands disputed by Japan and then go after Taiwan. America who vowed to protect the Ukraine stood down and offered sanctions only instead of the military aid they promised to send. Sending a war ship to sit in the waters off of Russia is NOT A TREAT, shooting at Putin’s Russia IS and Obama did nothing.

Neither did Germany’s bitch PM, Merkel, Cameron from UK, France – no one did anything and several soldiers were shot from the Ukraine side. America and the EU left them high and dry.

I know I said I was afraid of WW3 but frankly if these other countries start to gear up their military and nuclear weapons we as A SOCIETY IN THE WORLD, stop them dead in their tracks.

NO ONE SHOULD BE ANNEXING ANY OTHER COUNTRY OR PROPERTY. I know that boundries change all the time but we have international treaties and we must respect each other and those treaties. If not, what good are the laws.

Russia has to learn they can’t just take what they want even if they “voted”. It’s like saying that in North Korea it was a 100% landslide for the “re election” of a tyrant…hilarious! If they didn’t vote for UN they would have been killed like THE UNCLE.

Anyway, if there is a war – WW3 – let’s send all the congress people’s kids and all the 1 percenter kids first – all of the rich people – this is the only way to even out the playing field.

We have 7 billion people on earth.

5 billion are taking up space and breathing air, some of them are in jail, and they just should never have been born. Empty out all the jails and let those people run amok in these foreign lands, raping, pillaging and getting killed. When we win the war – WW3 – We’ll have less people to worry about, more of everything in abundance like it was in the beginning of the 20th Century and all will be good again.

And the first person who should be sent into war is KAYNE WEST & HIS BILLIONAIRE BUDDY – JAY Z. Bye bye morons – here’s to having you die over there in no man’s land. Show us what you’re made of Kayne! Oh yeah he’s going to shit in his white underwear. C’mon Kayne, don’t you wanna see ya mommy?

Here’s the question someone asked recently – “so what! Who want’s to go to Russia anyway?” 

Business people who are trying to do business internationally want to go to Russia. I know a business who went last year and did very well there. If there are sanctions it’s going to screw with American businesses overseas. Our economy is once again in danger. 

Why are Americans so stupid in general – goes back to again – 7 billion pple – 5 billion are useless – 2 billion are relevant. Where do you fit in?

I am one of the 2 billion relevant people on earth and so is my partner. We are true patriots and Americans and care the world at large. 

Where do you fit in?


Russian sanction lists most of the boneheaded GOP and they are “proud to be included” – take McCain & Boehner Putin – we don’t want them!



Obama Hits Russian Officials With Sanctions… Russia Strikes Back With Counter Sanctions… Boehner, McCain, White House Aides On List…Boehner ‘Proud To Be Included’… McCain Too… LATEST UPDATES

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Obama: ‘Ukrainians Shouldn’t Have To Choose Between The West And Russia’

President Barack Obama made new comments on the situation in Ukraine on Thursday, announcing the U.S. is moving “to impose additional costs on Russia.”

Obama said he signed a new executive order Thursday that allows the U.S. “to impose sanctions on key sectors of the Russian economy.”

“Russia must know that further escalation will only isolate it further from the international community,” Obama said.

Obama urged Congress to pass an aid package to support Ukrainians pursuing reforms.

“Expressions of support are not enough,” Obama said. “We need action.”

Obama did note that “diplomacy between the United States and Russia continues.”

“We’ve emphasized that Russia has a different path available,” Obama said.

“Mr. Putin should know that the Ukrainians shouldn’t have to choose between the west and Russia,” he added.

UPDATE — 11:45 a.m.: The AP reports Russia has imposed an entry ban on American lawmakers and officials in retaliation for the U.S. sanctions