Today is Sunday – 1 week before Easter – a holiday celebrating the death and life of Christ. This man walks in the shoes of the savior of the world, the soul who gave up his life to save all of us. Is this how true CHRISTIANS celebrate the life of this man? I doubt it – In fact I am in total denial that any true Christian would turn from a poor homeless person. I’ve been homeless; so has my partner. We know what it’s like. How alone it is. How excruciatingly scary it is. We’ve both been to shelters – well she has and she left and went into a Catholic charities organization. She was lucky and had a nun for a cousin. I had $15,000 dollars and floated from place to place until I got a job and built up my business.
Not everyone is so lucky. Some people have to go to psych wards to escape the streets but that’s not a long time unless you totally act out. Some homeless people commit crimes just so they can go to jail to have a roof over their heads, shelter from the storm, food and necessary stuff like clothing.
Our country is going to hell in a hand basket with these Christian Right Conservative crazy people who care nothing for religion. Their love of money eclipses their love of self – their love of others – their love of Jesus Christ. But in his name they march their selfishness across the country.
Oklahoma recently stood up against WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH who picked MOORE because they felt God took out his wrath on that town of Moore with the devastating weather they suffered and died from last year. They were wrong but these same OKLAHOMIANS will stand together against WOMEN, MINORITIES AND GAY RIGHTS because they lean on their bibles for support. It’s a joke really except this one guy stands out above the rest in the south.
The amazing issue to this entire Westboro/Oklahoma protest is that Oklahoma was upset with Westboro which in itself is an oxymoron.
A friend of this blog – Melissa Thomas – wrote to us today and asked us to promote the Facebook Page for Pastor Rick Wood who feeds the homeless but has been denied that right because he does not have the money to get a $500 permit for a “food truck”. It’s insanity yes?
Please read Melissa’s request below and follow the links and join their FACEBOOK PAGE & help with the FUND raising money for Pastor to again feed the homeless.
Their facebook page only has 8 LIKES – let’s make it more!
If we don’t care about each other – who will?

I’m sure you read the story about the pastor that has been feeding the homeless for the past 6 years. He was stopped because he now needs a license to do it. We have set up a fund and facebook page to help this man. Please take a look and if you could promote in any way it would be greatly appreciated.  and facebook page is



We just put money into this fund – please do the same – we need to reach $500 to aid Pastor Wood to get his $500 food truck.

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  1. I got some good news to share today with you. I also have been in contact with a large news station to do an interview to help spread the word. Here is the update I posted to the site.

    I will continue with this story with an update. When I first read about the church being in need of a permit, the first thing I did was went into action mode. It was the weekend, no one to call and talk to from the Church. I set up this fund to try to help them continue to help feed the homeless. On Monday April 14th, I was able to reach out and find they were able to get the permit, but stated they are still in need. Pastor Edwards, one of Rick Woods colleagues is whom I spoke with. Someone had made a very nice donation to the Church for a youth program to obtain a special vehicle for the kids. He told me stories of gratefulness, of the saving of people, He spoke to me with a tear filled voice. They do not have enough money for the van yet, and also he said there is always a need to continue to help others and the homeless. They travel 45 min to Birmingham Al, to assist these individuals. The length of time that this small town church has been helping the homeless goes back more than a decade. I think to myself what a blessing this church has been in not only their community but the community of others.

    I have a lot of personal opinions about this new law of needing a permit to help each other. It not only is discouraging for those people that want to do the right thing, but I believe it also interferes with religion and beliefs. I truly do not understand why anyone would want to take away from the people in our country that have the least. I mean NOTHING. They are now making you pay to help others in need. What has this world come to? All I see is money and greed when I think about this situation. I think about how others willing to take on the homeless on their own time, with their own money are being punished. People see an opportunity to make more money from something and use it to their advantage, But some things should be just left alone. Why isn’t the Government, or the City helping these people with this money they are now collecting themselves on behalf of them? What do they plan to do with the money for these permits? I can almost guarantee it will not be going to the homeless people on the street, but instead used for other things. It is a shame what our society has come to. I could think of many things to do with these funds to help the homeless long term. Housing, Food, Clothing, Medical Treatment, Facilities to help them find jobs, or to help them apply for benefits that so many are probably entitled to. So exactly how many of our homeless suffer from some kind of cognitive or mental disorder? It is one of the top reasons for homelessness. Who are our homeless population and why are they homeless? I read somewhere the 40% of our homeless are Vets. Is this how we repay them for serving our country? How can this happen? How can we allow this to happen?

    I feel there is so much wrong with all of this. They want to stop people from being compassionate and caring. I looked up some statistics to see how much it costs taxpayers to house someone in jail, if you look it up you will be shocked! I often wonder if this is where all of this leads to. The Greed of Money! Imagine now there are fewer people helping the homeless because of this new law…. What do you think will happen to them? Some will die, some will commit crimes to feed themselves, some will do what any person would do in that situation… Find a way to get a place to sleep and a meal, meaning there going to end up in jail on purpose because they get their needs fulfilled there. A shower, 3 meals a day, a warm bed. So how many people in jail right now are of the Homeless? Look up the statistics yourself. You will see where this is leading. They are making money off of housing them. So is the long term goal for them to house even more people for Money? It is the only thing that makes sense to me. Do you know that if they got SSI, and food stamps it would cost taxpayers thousands and thousands less in a year then it would than to house them in jail?

    Our world is not getting better. We can not depend on the Government or state officials to solve this problem because it is money to them. That is all they see people as, a dollar sign. They are not Christians. Did you know the Bible contains 2,350 verses dealing with money and possessions, and fifteen percent of everything Jesus said had to do with it. Adding up verses on prayer, faith, heaven and hell, there are still more verses about money. And what the word teaches us about money is not what is happening in the world today. Money is destroying people.

    We can only pray for those who don’t know anything about what life is suppose to be. We can only pray that someone will try to stand up for the right things, but I feel it is only a small amount of us that are really here for the right purpose. That money they are making on the homeless, should go to help the homeless. So here we are being charged to be human, to have compassion, to want to do the right thing. Money is not going to stop us! It may be a block in the road, but God will prevail for those that believe in him. He will punish those who use his money for wrongful doing, and teach them a lesson.

    So here we are fighting to do what is right, let us continue to do so in the name of the Lord. Let us help the less fortunate, let us help our neighbors in need. Let’s make this fundraiser a part of something special. Let us show how much we care about humanity. Let us help those who are servicing the Lord. Let us be heard loud and clear! We will not give up on our people, we will not let evil stand in our way!

    Dear Lord, we know what it is you want from us, we know the devil is hard at work. Please Lord let us come together as you want us to and assist those who need it most. Let us be able to provide what we can, if it is our service, the money you have borrowed to us or the talents you have given us. Lead us on the right path to serve you. Protect us from evil and from those who do wrong, we pray Lord that you will open their eyes as well.

    In Jesus Name Amen!

    Please continue to support this cause, and the wonderful people that are working for the Lord. Anything is appreciated from this Church. Thank You! – See more at:

    • Melissa, I’m not religious but I respect your being so. I will reprint what you wrote on my blog. I was born orthodox christian but I saw what that mean while going up and it was total bullshit. I now pray to the following entities: lords and ladies of the most high of love light and protection, goddess and the universe. That just about covers it. What Pastor Wood is doing for the homeless is beautiful – he with the help of many will find a way to continue to help. Money can never stand in the way of love and doing the right thing. My partner and I have been homeless at different times in our lives and saw it through. It was a rough time but we never slept on the streets. I refuse to rest until the rest of the world catches up to my way of thinking and, now I see we are on the same page spiritually, you as well.

      Blessed be for people like you with a heart, Melissa.

      Thanks for writing the blog.

      Also if I could have afforded to pay out $500 bucks for the damn food truck I would have. I really want that to happen for the Pastor. = Cathy

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